Make your home even smarter with Tibber and Futurehome

Tibber is an app that replaces your power company with smart technology.

Reduce your power bill

When you add Futurehome to Tibber, you can make your home even smarter. The algorithms in the Tibber app allow you to control heating based on electricity prices and weather forecasts, combined with your home data. The result is a lower power bill without compromising on comfort. 

This is how it works

Electricity prices vary hour by hour throughout the day. Instead of letting the heating cables or the radiator stand at 23 degrees 24 hours a day, by regulating the temperature you can utilize the variable prices.


Tibber controls the temperature based on the information extracted from thermostats and sensors in Futurehome and combines this with parameters such as power prices, weather forecast and the house thermal inertia. (isolasjonsgrad). The purpose of this is to provide the lowest possible cost of electricity, without this compromising the comfort temperature. All this happens automatically, the only thing you need to do is activate Smart Heat Control in the Tibber app and set the desired comfort temperature. 

The cheapest power is the one you don’t have to use

Tibber replaces your traditional power company and uses technology to reduce your power consumption. In addition, there are simple conditions to deal with. You pay the purchase price + 39 NOK a month. You then have access to smart heat management and a host of other integrations that can make your home even smarter.