A smarter smarthome

A smarthome by Futurehome is one that everyone can use and customise without needing to be a tech genius. We feel that smarthomes should be accessible to everyone so we set ourselves the goal of making it easy for people in all walks of life to enjoy the benefits of a connected home.

Smarthomes have traditionally required a lot of effort from the electrician particularly in project planning and execution, but also for changes and future upgrades.

That is not the problem anymore, that time has passed. Futurehome utilizes modern wireless equipment placed throughout the home and components hidden behind existing wall switches or outlets. This means that installation is much easier and quicker than before, with no need for new wiring or associated structural work or carpentry.

The Futurehome application forms the basis of the user’s interaction with our smarthub and wider system.

As a Futurehome user you can have multiple ‘sites’ in your app each corresponding to a separate smarthub and installation.

This means you can have one for your house, one at your holiday home or even one in your office. All the sites are administered under the same user profile, so switching between them is quick and easy!

A smart router

Every smart home needs an intelligent brain, Futurehome’s Smarthub is just like a ‘router’ for all your gadgets. Tying them all together and making sure they are reporting and behaving properly. The Futurehome application on your phone connects to our cloud-based servers which in turn communicate with the smarthub. In this way you are always getting the most up to date and secure data.

Open for new products

‘Browse any electronics store today and can find increasing numbers of IoT (internet of things) enabled or ‘connected’ devices available as additions to your home.

To gather all these devices under one umbrella has historically been difficult to do, primarily because these devices communicate using different languages or ‘protocols’. With the Futurehome Smarthub you can control current and future smart devices in an easy and intuitive manner from one unified system. We support two of the main protocols and will continue working towards adding others in the future.

The Smarthub currently has built-in support for the Z-Wave and EnOcean radio protocols, and has also been prepared to connect to multiple ‘network connected’ devices. The Smarthub also has two USB-ports at the back which enables additional popular standards for home automation of the future like Zigbee, Bluetooth Mesh and Thread. All you have to do is to connect the power adapter and the network cable, and you are ready to make your home both safer and smarter.

All you need is electricity and internet!

The Smarthub will not stop functioning should you lose internet connectivity. You will still be able to change your modes, lights and heating from physical switches you have installed. The Futurehome application will not work if the Smarthub looses it’s network connection but everything else will continue to work as normal.