A selection of partners and systems that are supported in Futurehome

Futurehome supports a wide range of products and systems. Most of the products utilize wireless radio for communication, like Z-Wave or EnOcean products. Futurehome works closely with different partners and manufacturers to also support products and solutions that are not utilizing the above mentioned wireless standards. Here you can read more about different products and solutions we support.

Gilje Sense, 100% controll over your doors and windows!

Together with Gilje, Futurehome and Sensative have developed an unique product that lets you see not only if doors and windows are closed but also if the handles are locked. You can put the windows in air/vent- position and lock the handle so that it is secured, if the handle is left open one can see in the app that the windows is unlocked.

Together with the lock on the windows one can check if the terrace-door is locked or not. Giljes specially developed lock communicates with a sensor in the frame and notifies you if the window or door is not properly locked. In the app you can always see the status of all Gilje Sense products.

Gilje Sense kan be ordered to new builds through selected home-developers and pro-chains. Read more about this fantastic product at Gilje’s websites.

Kardia Smart

Kardia supplies total-technical cabinets for newbuilds that contains all necessary technical systems like ventilation, boiler, water-distribution, electric cabinet and central vacuum. Futurehome and Kardia have been working together on integrating ventilation and security components like water leakage stopper and smoke sensors in a complete solution. Through Futurehome one can sentrally controll all these features and more.
Kardia technical cabinets can be bought through selected home developers or directly from Kardia.

Read more about Kardia at Kardia Smart.