Futurehome supports an ever expanding list of smart home devices within lighting, heating, safety, sensors, detectors, electronic locks and appliances. Below is a full overview of all Futurehome supported products.

Pilot testing in Futurehome

Futurehome have several on-going pilots on IDLock150, Heatit Z-Water, Heatit Z-TRM2 and more. Support for these products will be available to all customers as soon as pilots become approved. Please apply through our community at, if you own one of the above mentioned products and would like to take part in our pilot program.

ManufacturerProduct NameModelTechnologySupported inAlliance LinkManufacturer WebsiteTechnical Comment
FibaroRoller Shutter 3FGR-223Z-Wave+v 1.9 and up
DanalockV3V3-BTZEZ-Wave+v1.8 and up

SteinelIS 140-2 Z-Wave40111677001Z-Wave+v1.8 and up
Schneider507601 - In-Wall Switch (1 Channel, L+N)507601Z-Wavev1.7 and up
Schneider5062xx - 2-gang radio push-button CONNECT5062xxZ-Wavev1.7 (partially), v1.8
SchneiderEXXACT 1-KANAL RF TRYKKNAPP HV WDE0029015061xxZ-Wavev1.7(partially), v1.8

SE DevicesMultifunction SwitchFMSZ-Wave+v1.8 and up

Only association is supported.
SE DevicesWheel ControllerFWCZ-Wave+v1.8 and up

SE DevicesStandalone 1-10V DimmerAD1-10VZ-Wave+v1.8 and up

SE DevicesStandalone Mosfet DimmerAMDZ-Wave+v1.8 and up

SE DevicesStandalone Relay 1-PoleAR1PZ-Wave+v1.8 and up

SE DevicesStandalone Relay 2-PoleAR2PZ-Wave+v1.8 and up

Fibaro The FIBARO Heat Controller & Temperature SensorFGT-001Z-Wave+v1.8 and up
Fibaro CO SensorFGCD-001Z-Wave+v1.8 and up

Remotec ZXT-120EU AC ExtenderBW8377EUZ-Wave+v1.8 and up (partially)

Only adjusting temperature is supported.
VillaventZ-Wave to Systemair HVAC Adapter29990Z-Wave+v1.7 and up (partially) V1.9 temperature can be controlled.
AeotecDual Nano SwitchZW140-CZ-Wave+v1.8 and up
AeotecNano SwitchZW139-CZ-Wave+v1.7 (partially), v1.8 and up
AeotecNano DimmerZW111-CZ-Wave+v1.7 (partially), v1.8 and up
SunricherIn-wall DimmerSR-ZV9101SAC-HP-EUZ-Wave+v1.7 (partially), v1.8 and up and Association not supported on versions below 1.8.
SunricherLED DimmerSR-ZV9101FX-EUZ-Wave+v1.8 (partially), v1.8 and up not supported on versions below 1.8.
SimonSwitch IO10002034-13x && 10000322-039Z-Wave+v1.8 and up
SimonS100 Rocker iO for Roller Blind10002080-13XZ-Wave+v1.8 and up
SimonS100 Socket iO10002041-13XZ-Wave+v1.8 and up
SimonS100 Master Roller Dimmer iO10002021-13XZ-Wave+v1.8 and up
Simon S100 iO Master Roller Blind10002081-13XZ-Wave+v1.8 and up
SensativeStrips-MaZw Guard11 01 2011Z-Wave+v1.7 and up
SensativeMultisensor Drip/Comfort11 02 2011Z-Wave+v1.8 and up
Qubino Smart meter 3 phaseZ-Wave+v1.9 and up (partially) is supported, not energy.
QubinoSmart MeterZMNHTD1Z-Wave+v1.9 and up (partially) is supported, not energy.
QubinoQubino Flush RGBW DimmerZMNHWD1Z-Wave+v1.8 and up
QubinoQubino Flush DimmerZMNHDD1Z-Wave+v1.7 and up
QubinoQubino Flush Dimmer 0-10VZMNHVD1Z-Wave+v1.7 and up
QubinoDIN DimmerZMNHSD1Z-Wave+v1.7 and up
QubinoFlush ShutterZMNHCD1Z-Wave+v1.7 and up
QubinoFlush Shutter DCZMNHOD1Z-Wave+v1.7 and up
QubinoQubino Flush 1D relayZMNHNZ-Wave+v1.7 and up
QubinoQubino Flush 2 relaysZMNHBZ-Wave+v1.8 and up
QubinoFlush 1 RelayZMNHAD1Z-Wave+v1.7 and up
QubinoSmart Plug 16AZMNHYD1Z-Wave+v1.7 (partially, v1.8 and up
PoppSmoke Detector and SirenPOPE004001Z-Wave+v1.7 and up
Popp10 year smoke ensor and sirenEi600ZWZ-Wave+v1.7 and up
PoppFlow Stop9501Z-Wave+v1.7 (partially, v1.8 and up
DanalockUniversal Module Version 3UMV3-BTZE-EUZ-Wave+v1.8 (partially) works
PoppStrike lock12501Z-Wave+v1.8 and up
NodonWall plugMSP-3-1-X1Z-Wave+v1.7 (partially, v1.8 and up
MCO HomeFan Coil Thermostat MH8 seriesMH8/2-FC-EUZ-Wave+v1.7 (partially, v1.8 and up
MCO HomeHeating ThermostatMH7H-WH/EHZ-Wave+v1.7 (partially, v1.8 and up
IDLockID Lock 101 Z-Wave module ID-101Z-Wave+v1.8 and up
IDLock150 Z-Wave module ID-150Z-Wave+v1.8 and up with both 101 and 150 series
HeatitMultireg Z-WaveTF016Z-Wave+v1.8 and up
HeatitZ-TRM2fxZ-TRM2fxZ-Wave+v1.8 and up
HeatitZ-WaterZ-Wave+v1.8 and up
HeatitZ-RelayZ-Wave+v1.8 and up
HeatitHEATIT Z-PUSH BUTTON 82Z-Wave+v1.8 and upOnly association is supported.
HeatitHEATIT Z-PUSH BUTTON 8Z-Wave+v1.8 and upOnly association is supported.
GoogleAssistantCloudv1.7 and up
FireangelZ-Wave Module for Fireangel SM-F-NEUTZW-ModuleZ-Wave+v1.7 and up
Fibaro ButtonFGPB-101Z-Wave+v1.7 and up (partially) association is supported.
Fibaro KeyfobFGKF-601Z-Wave+v1.7 and up (partially) association is supported.
FibaroSingle SwitchFGS-212Z-Wavev1.7 and up
FibaroSmoke sensorFGSD-002Z-Wave+v1.7 and up
FibaroFlood sensorFGFS-101 ZW5Z-Wave+v1.7 and up
FibaroDoor/Window Sensor 2 FGDW-002Z-Wave+v1.7 and up
FibaroRoller Shutter 2FGRM-222Z-Wave+v1.7 and up
FibaroWall PlugFGWPF-102 ZW5Z-Wave+v1.7 and up
FibaroDouble Switch 2FGS-223Z-Wave+v1.9 and up
FibaroSingle Switch 2FGS-213-ZW5Z-Wave+v1.7 and up
FibaroMotion SensorMSFS-001Z-Wave+v1.7 and up
FibaroDimmer 2FGD-212Z-Wave+v1.7 and up
EltakoRelay L&NFSR61LN-230VEnOceanv1.7 and up
EltakoRelayFSR61-230VEnOceanv1.7 and up
EltakoDimmerFUD61NPNEnOceanv1.7 and up
EltakoWhite Gloss modeswitch engravedFT55 /PTM210- White GlossEnOceanv1.7 and up
DanfossRS 014G0160 ThermostatRS-Z 014G0160 ThermostatZ-Wavev1.7 and up
DanfossLiving Connect Thermostat014G0013Z-Wavev1.7 and up
FuturehomeWLS-23WLS-23ZWZ-Wave+v1.9 and up
FuturehomeSDCO ACSDCO-1-RhTH-ZW-SC-AC-OTAZ-Wave+v1.9 and up
FuturehomeSDCO BatterySDCO-1-RhTH-ZW-SC-OTAZ-Wave+v1.9 and up
FuturehomeSRAC SirenSRAC-23B-ZWZ-Wave+v1.9 and up
AeotecLED Bulb 6: Multi-WhiteZWA001-CZ-Wave+v1.7 and up
AeotecLED Bulb 6:Multi-ColourZWA002-CZ-Wave+v1.7 and up
AeotecNano DimmerZW111-CZ-Wave+v1.7 (partially), v1.8 and up
AeotecDual Nano SwitchZW140-CZ-Wave+v1.8 and up
AeotecNano SwitchZW139-CZ-Wave+v1.7 (partially), v1.8 and up
AeotecNano ShutterZW141-CZ-Wave+v1.8 and up
AeotecLED StripZW121-CZ-Wave+v1.7 and up
AeotecDoor/Window SensorZW112-CZ-Wave+v1.7 and up
AeotecSiren Gen5ZW080-C15Z-Wave+v1.7 and up
AeotecLED BulbZW098-C55Z-Wave+v1.7 and up
AeotecHeavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5ZW078-CZ-Wave+v1.7 and up
AeotecGarage Door ControllerZW062-CZ-Wave+v1.7 and up
AeotecSmart Dimmer 6ZW099Z-Wave+v1.7 and up
AeotecTriSensorZWA005-CZ-Wave+v1.8 and up
AeotecMultisensor 6ZW100-CZ-Wave+v1.7 and up
AeotecWater Sensor 6ZW122-CZ-Wave+v1.7 and up
AeotecNanoMote OneZWA004-CZ-Wave+v1.8 and up (partially) association is supported.
AeotecNanoMote QuadZWA003-CZ-Wave+v1.8 and up (partially) association is supported.
AeotecWallmote QuadZW130-CZ-Wave+V1.8 (partially)

Only association is supported.
FibaroWalli Roller ShutterFGWREU-111Z-Wave+v1.9 and up
FibaroWalli OutletFGWOx-011Z-Wave+v 1.9 and up
FibaroWalli DimmerFGWDEU-111Z-Wave+v 1.9 and up
EcodimECO-DIM.07 Z-WAVE/ZIGBEE SMART LED DIMMERECO-DIM.07Z-Wave / ZigBeev 1.9 and up
HeatitZ-DimZ-Wave+v 1.9 and up

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