Starter kit

Kr. 3.799,-

Futurehome offers an affordable start with smarthome technology.

Our starter kit includes enough devices to give you a taste of what living with a smart home is like. It offers the chance to control heating and lighting, and security sensors for motion and water leakages. It also enables you to control and monitor your home from anywhere in the world. Anyone can install this kit and it doesn’t take more than 1 hour to do so.


Futurehome’s Smarthub makes it possible to connect all the smart devices, and get them to work together from the same application. It acts as a wireless router for smart devices and communicates on open industry standards such as Z-Wave, EnOcean, and over Ethernet.


The smartplug socket from Fibaro is compact and beautifully designed. It can be used for any type of device which requires a wall socket and is particularly practical for lighting and appliances like irons, panel heaters or fridges. It also has built-in power meter which provides an overview of the consumption of the device that is connected.

Motion sensor

This motion sensor has many tasks. It detects motion in a room, measures temperature and brightness in the room. All in a device smaller than a golf ball! The information from this sensor is used to trigger an alarm if there is movement when no one is home, turn on the light when you come into the room and can adjust the heating to your desired temperature.

Water leakage sensor

A water leakage in your home could be a costly affair. These sensors are very useful, flexible, and can even prevent thousands of kroner in potential damages.

When exposed to water, the water leakage sensor will signal through a built in siren and a LED light. With Futurehome connected, the water leakage sensor will simultaneously notify you via the application. Here you will also be shown in which room the flood is detected.

Automatic lights

Automatically activate lights in a room based on motion. As soon as the motion sensor detects movement the system switches the lights on to your preset level. A trigger is also set to switch the lights off again after a certain amount of time.

This can be especially useful at night to save you stumbling over things, or for closets and storage rooms so you don’t need to search for the light switch!

Automatic heating

If you have electric heaters connected to wall sockets you can use the smartplugs to provide control through the app.

Simply using the smartplug on panel heaters to automatically lower temperature at night and when you are away can help save 15-25% off your electricity bill.

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