Futurehome is perfect for apartment complexes and housing association properties. We provide security, control and peace of mind all year round from anywhere in the world.

You can easily install one of our ‘Do it yourself’ starter kits yourself or you can opt for our ‘Do it for me’ solution and one of our certified electricians will do the installation for you.


Receive instant notifications on your smartphone for any critical event.

Fire alarm

Receive immediate alerts on your phone in the event of a fire.

Burglar alarm

Immediate alerts if the system detects unexpected activity like a door or window being opened or motion in the property while you are away.

Flood alert

Immediate alerts in the event of water leaks being detected.

Low temperature

If the temperature in a room drops below a certain threshold you will be alerted immediately.

High temperature

If the temperature in a room rises above a certain threshold you will be alerted immediately.


A system which adapts itself to suit your preferences and needs.


Automatic lowering of temperature at night and in ‘Away mode’ for optimal energy efficiency.


Automate your lights based on movement in rooms. Have a separate setting for motion triggering during the night.


Never worry about leaving the iron on again. You can switch it off from the app!


Detailed information on what’s going on in the property.

Energy consumption

A detailed overview of the power consumption of every connected device in the system.


Navigate back in time and check the status of the home based on weekly, monthly and yearly trends.


Timestamped log detailing what has happened in the home. Who changed modes, who opened the front door, which lights where switched on/off etc.

Do it yourself apartment kit

This simple kit is the perfect beginners pack for anyone wanting to get started with a smarthome. You can easily install it yourself without an electrician.

1 Smarthub
2 Smartplugs
1 Motion sensor
1 Flood sensor

4 453 kr.

14 919 kr.

Do it for me apartment kit

This package is ideal for anyone interested in having a complete Futurehome solution installed by one of our certified electricians. It contains everything you need to connect lights, heating, burglar alarm, fire alarm, and access control.

Complete with installation 14 450,- NOK.


1 Magnet switch
1 Lighting dimmer


1 Lighting dimmer

Living room

1 Lighting dimmer
1 Motion sensor
1 Smartplug


1 Lighting dimmer
1 Motion sensor
1 Thermostat


1 Lighting dimmer
1 Lighting on/off
1 Flood sensor
1 Smartplug