Smart lights

Set the right mood to your home

With Futurehome you can easily set the right mood in your smart home. It can be done manually through the application or automatically through commands based on timer settings or movement. The lights will also work as per usual with light switches for those who prefer this.

Alternatives for smart lights

You have four different options when choosing functions for lights in your smart home. Smart dimmers, on/off, RGB-lighting and/or wall plugs for lamps with a socket.


Dimmers are the ideal tool to create the perfect mood. Press once on the switch to turn “on” or “off”, press and hold to dim up or down. Our dimmers conserve energy, reduce overall energy costs as well as they set the right ambience within a room. The product we offer for smart dimming is the Fibaro Dimmer 2. It is installed behind the existing switch by a professional electrician. One dimmer can control one light zone.


For a simpler use, you could also choose regular on/off controllers for your home, when dimming is not necessary. Use the Fibaro Single Switch and have an electrician install it behind the existing on/off switches on your wall. The product can control one light zone.


Set a whole new mood in your home with colored LED-lights. The lights can be adjusted separately or all in the same color.  Perfect for social gatherings or for a romantic night at home.

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If you wish to order smart lights to your smart home, you can do it from our webshop:

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With timers you can make a rule that lights will turn off after 12 PM or when you go to work. If you have a sensor that detects motion in a room, you can also have it to turn on lights to a lower level at night for example. This is useful so you don’t have to look for the light switches in the dark!