Smart heating

Increased comfort with smart heating

Make your home a better place to live with smart heating from Futurehome. Lower the temperature at night, have it heated till you wake up and cool when you go to work. All is easily done by creating timers in the application, based on your routines and comfort needs.

Smart varmestyring gir deg mulighet for natt og dag senking av temperaturen i hjemmet ditt. Dette sparer strøm og miljø.

Good for you, good for the environment!

Most of us turn off our heaters during the night and wake up to freezing rooms in the morning, only to blast heating right before we leave the house. All of this costs more energy and money than necessary.

Save electricity with an efficient heating system that adapts to your needs. Futurehome can adjust heating at night, when you are out of the house or if a window is open in the same room. This will lead to smarter and lower power consumption, which is good for both you and the environment.

Alternatives for smart heating

Often houses have multiple heating solutions to achieve optimal comfort for its inhabitants. We therefore offer a large range of solutions for smart heating for hydronic and electric underfloor heating, radiator heating and panel heaters.

Smart styring av termostater gir deg full kontroll på strømforbruket og komforten i hjemmet ditt.

Smart heating for electric and hydronic underfloor heating

Futurehome has made it easy to make both existing or new heating systems smart. If your home is equipped with electric or hydronic underfloor heating, this can be controlled by a smart thermostat from Multireg. To install the smart heating system you have to use a professional electrician.

Smart varmestyring av radiatortermostaten din.

Smart radiator heating

In order to get the most out of your radiator heating system, make it smart! Futurehome can easily connect to your radiator and regulate your indoor climate to suit you and your routines.


Futurehome uses the Danfoss radiator thermostat to make your radiator smart. 

Smart varmestyring av panelovner gjennom Futurehome-appen

Smart electric panel heaters

These are the most common type of heaters in Norway. With the Fibaro smartplug and Futurehome, you can easily measure the power consumption, set the temperatures of each device and turn them on or off when you don’t need them. Perfect for preheating your house or your cabin till you arrive!

Smart heating kit

Futurehome has put together a package for you who wants a more comfortable everyday life. The heating kit allows you to control and automate panel ovens in up to 3 heating zones and is therefore applicable to Enova’s “varmestyring subsidie” which pays out 20% of the investment costs.

The kit can easily by anyone within 15 minutes and includes:

1 x Smarthub
3 x multisensor (motion, temperature & light)
3 x smartplugs
3 x door- and window sensors

Denne pakken lar deg komme i gang med smart varmestyring med Futurehome-appen.

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