Do you develop modern homes? Tomorrows homes are not built with yesterdays technology.

Norways largest developers and other national players are planning projects with smart home solutions in order to meet the expectations of tomorrows buyers.

Smart home solutions from Futurehome

As a developer of real estate you can offer your buyers a simpler, safer and smarter life with smart home solutions from Futurehome. The home owners of the future are going to expect to be able to control their heating system, their lights and their garage doors from their smartphones.

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Arca Nova reference for Futurehome

“Buying a new home is a big investment for most of us. We deliver homes that ensures a great living experience and serves as a safe investment for our customers. With the Futurehome smart home solution we are able to provide our home buyers with user friendly and unique smart controls for the whole home, for a more convenient life.

To the skeptical buyers, we told them they could still use the switches as normal if that’s what they want, but that the home would help them turn off lights that are not in use or to automatically open/close the roller shutters if the weather turns bad. 

When we chose Futurehome as our smart home provider, it was because of their user friendly system, Futurehome’s developed solution in Norwegian, IoT technology and their good integration towards others in the market.”

Ruben D. Hansen, siv.øk.
Managing Director/CEO

Wico Eiendom AS reference for Futurehome

Wico eiendom leverer smarthus fra Futurehome

Smart homes are the future and represents the needs we have today and the needs we will get in the future. Especially taking into consideration that we get older and the opportunities we get with new technology. We wanted to make sure our homes were comfortable and give the user full control over their home. We basically wanted to offer a high standard of living for our buyers and that is why we chose smart home solutions from Futurehome.

Helge Sigve Wiig
Managing Director/CEO

Nordbolig AS reference for Futurehome

Norbolig Logo - Smarthus fra Futurehome levert av Norbolig

“We wanted a smart basic package that simplified the life for our buyers. More and more people are asking for smart home solutions that solve concrete needs and here we could replace much of the normal electrical units with smart solutions and at the same time offer something extra. The investment of the basic package was inexpensive, so we ended up buying more than planned. Now each buyer has a solid network of quality smart solutions with the possibility of expanding the system on their own, if they wish so.” 

Per Kristian Olaisen
Project Manager/Sales

Are you interested in providing smart home solutions with Futurehome?

Then fill out the form and we’ll set up an informal chat about how we can help.