Futurehome supports an ever expanding list of smart devices within lighting, heating, sensors, detectors, electronic locks and appliances. Below are a selection of products within these categories with links to our webshop where you can find a wider range to chose from.

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Some selected products

Motion sensor

One sensor with many abilities. It detects movement, measures temperature and light levels (Lux). All from a device smaller than a golf ball!

RGB Lightbulbs

Create mood-lighting at home! In addition to ‘warm’ or ‘cold’ white settings, the whole rainbow is now at your fingertips thanks to this fun little device. It is also dimmable, giving you full control to set your home lighting exactly as you want it!

Smart styring av termostater gir deg full kontroll på strømforbruket og komforten i hjemmet ditt.


Adjust your heating directly from the Futurehome app or allow it to automatically adjust temperature if doors or windows have been left open and so save you money on your bills!

ID Lock

An electronic door lock is one of the most important devices one can have in a smarthome. A connected lock will add a unique new dimension to your security, comfort and safety.

Flood sensor

Water leaks are really irritating and costly, so it might be an idea to extend your smarthome with a sensor that can alert you if the pipes burst! A little early warning will make both you and the insurance company happy!


The smart plug socket from Fibaro is compact and beautifully designed. It can be used for any type of device which requires a wall plug, particularly practical for lighting and appliances like irons or fridges.

Magnetic door/window sensor

The first magnetic switch sensor on the market with a 10 year battery life. It is so thin that it can be installed in the frames of windows and doors for invisible security!

Do it for me!

Our step-by-step guide helps you configure your own smart home. All product prices include the cost of installation by our certified electricians.

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