We are always on the lookout for potential partners in forward thinking companies who share our vision of making our homes, infrastructure, communities and cities smarter. As a high growth company we are always open to collaborating with our partners in making our products better for our shared customer base.

Become a Futurehome installer!

Do you run an electrical installation company and want to be able to offer Futurehome to your customers? We have a whole suite of digital tools ready which will help you get started, handle sales and follow up on customers.


Utility companies

Our system provides real-time power metering and segments the power consumption based on loads and rooms. This will allow your customers to get a better understanding of their energy use, and create a closer customer relationship for you.


Property developers

Differentiate yourselves by offering your customers homes with our smart, environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions already built-in. Contact us to discuss how you can build smarter homes.

Service companies

Our solutions can enhance the quality of service for companies that offer goods or services inside customers homes. This can be housekeepers, food delivery, home assistance or similar. Contact us to see what we can do together!