Subsidise your smarthome heating

With a smarthome installation by Futurehome you will always have full control of the building’s heating system and a detailed overview of your energy consumption.

Our system ensures the most optimal use of electricity while you’re in the home and extremely effective reductions when you’re away.

Qualify for subsidies

If you purchase control systems for three or more heating zones you qualify for subsidies from Enova. The financial support covers 20% of the total cost of the system up to a limit of Kr 4 000.

To get the most out of the scheme we recommend you order a smarthome installation for a total of Kr 20 000 or more.

Savings over time

Energy savings by reducing indoor temperatures will vary for each property and be dependent on seasonal climate variations. However, as a rule of thumb one can expect that each degree of temperature reduction in the property will give a roughly 5% reduction in overall energy consumption.

Self regulated heating

You define how the heating system in your property should behave in each mode. The system will automate itself to gradually adjust from the temperature set in one mode to the next.

So if you set a temperature for Sleep Mode during the night, the system will gradually adjust itself in the twilight hours so that the predefined Home Mode temperature is reached in the morning at the expected time.
When you’re away on vacation the system can be set to maintain a particular temperature to avoid frost damage for example. Or it can be set to trigger on as soon as a particular temperature is reached. It can of course also be switched off entirely.

The heating system can also be set to follow a weekly programme of timers, so switching modes and controlling temperatures happens automatically to suit your daily and weekly routine. In addition, the system also has overrides built in to ensure that heaters are switched off or regulated down when doors and windows are opened. This saves you wasting energy, and of course saves money too over time!

Apply here

Find out about the Enova application process here

From 2015 onwards it is now possible to apply for an Enova subsidy after you have made your purchase from us.

Do it for me!

Our step-by-step guide helps you configure your own smarthome. All product prices include the cost of installation by our certified electricians.

Do it yourself!

Pick and mix the products you need from our shop and install them yourself. Futurehome makes it easy for anyone to make their home smart!