Futurehome is growing! Grow with us!

We started because the market was getting flooded with connected devices, fragmented across multiple standards but no companies were helping customers to have a complete digital home solution where it all worked seamlessly together. We simplify making smart homes by creating an IoT infrastructure which enables products to work seamlessly together and build services on top.
Since then, the company has grown considerably and now we are a truly international team from more than 10 different countries, who live and breathe our product, working in a flat structure in small teams.

Find your fit – what you need to succeed at Futurehome

Meet us, an international team of techies! We wake up every day to help people experience a better everyday life by creating an accessible, safe and smart way of living.

Combine these Values and you have figured out the formula that guides our team.

We build on

  • self-driven people who are standing behind the quality and thoroughness of what we make with confidence and ownership.
  • collaborative teams by creating and fostering a diverse and unified work environment.

We create

  • remarkable products & solutions by making people notice and be impressed by our thoroughness, sense of purpose, persistence and strong values.
  • effective solutions by focusing on achieving important and strategic targets which we have set responsibly and are in line with our long-term goals.
  • candid discussions by sharing information and experiences, successes and failures, good news and bad news openly – it makes us all stronger.


Our culture is open and challenging. We empower those closest to the details to make the right decisions. Our best efforts are collaborative, and we have team members from all backgrounds and level of experience. What we all do share is the dedication to our work, whether to software development or sales, finance or customer support, being an intern or our CEO.
The product is constantly evolving, and we follow up on all new features to see how they perform and if they work as expected. We want those on our team who care about their work and our product, determined to contribute to our success and want to be remarkable every day.

Gadgets – Health – Social – Growth

Gadgets: Get smart home product discount at our shop, try new devices as they arrive to us
Health: Run with us, do CrossFit or start your own sports group!
Social: Do you like board games? We Do! And beer? Come and join us for the payday beer
Growth: Get support for your next conference, online self-studies or use our small but growing office library!

How do we hire?

We’re on the lookout for someone who fits our culture as well as the job, and who is just as enthusiastic about working here as we are. Use your application to show us why you’re choosing Futurehome. Show us why Futurehome should be your next career destination and don’t hide your enthusiasm. Interviews at Futurehome are conversations, so relax and let’s get to know each other.
During the hiring process, we try to get evidence of the skills you have – and use behavioural-based interviewing techniques.
When you answer questions, your focus should be on the question asked, ensure your answer is well-structured and provide examples using metrics or data if applicable. Reference recent situations whenever possible.

The route to getting hired

We hire people who are passionate about our technology, motivated by our mission and live and breath our values. Therefore we make sure that you get to know the team, the position and our challenges. We usually have four rounds of interviews, starting with a meeting with our recruiter who will be asking about your previous experiences and your motivation to join us.
As a next step, and when applicable, you will get an assignment where you can show us what you’ve got. After completion, we will invite you to meet your future team and manager as well as one of the leaders. Once you have nailed this all, you are very close to getting an offer from us.


If you want to be part of our journey please send your CV and cover letter to us! We can’t wait to hear from you!