Winter is coming

Winter is coming

The time has come where the nights get darker and colder, it is not like Game of thrones where we have to wait over 5 seasons before winter comes, in our world winter comes every year!

Are you tired of manually adjusting the heating in your home?  

Would you like to save the environment and save money at the same time?

A lot of people turn off their heaters at night and wake up to a cold floor and chilly room only to quickly heat the room and spend more money on electricity then they would if the heating system was regulated properly based on your needs and routines.

Let us show you some of the solutions we have in our system and how easy it is for you to control your indoor climate in a smarter and far better way than before.


Futurehome has a range of products in its portfolio which can be used not only to increase the comfort level in your home, but it will even save you money.



The Futurehome starter kit is the easiest way of getting you started with a smarter heating system. The Fibaro Motion sensor and Fibaro wall plug is the perfect match for controlling any electric heater. All you need to do is unplug your existing heater and plug in a Fibaro wall plug and install the motion sensor in the same room. If there is a thermostat on your electric heater you should set it to maximum and we will make sure the heater is operated to the desired temperature.




If you own a water or oil based radiator you can easily regulate it with the Danfoss radiator thermostat. Remove your old mechanical radiator thermostat and replace it with ours.


Never walk in on a cold floor again!

Futurehome also has the perfect solution for anyone with floor based heating, the Multireg Thermostat will make sure your floors are heated just right at the right time.



The multireg thermostat is also a good solution for anyone with water based floor heating. The thermostat will be able to report the floor temperature and remotely control an actuator on your water valves.



Climate control based on your needs and routines

The climate will be regulated based on your routines. Are you Home, Away on Holiday or fast asleep? The system lets you define how the indoor climate should be adjusted in each mode. We will also make sure that the correct temperature for a room is met if the mode is set on a schedule.


If any door or window opens in a heated room we will lower the temperature and save energy for you automatically.

Qualify for subsidies

If you purchase control systems for three or more heating zones you qualify for subsidies from Enova. The financial support covers 20% of the total cost of the system up to a limit of Kr 4 000. Therefore there is no point in waiting to order control of 3 heating zones for NOK 9 800, fully installed by a professional electrician, when you get a refund afterwards from Enova.