Time to Refresh your Smart Home Knowledge?

Time to Refresh your Smart Home Knowledge?

Lately there has been a lot written about smart homes and the smart home market. From Futurehome’s point of view, it seems like we live in a different reality to everyone else. To that end, we feel it is appropriate to clarify a few things and explain our approach to the smart home market overall.

Smart homes has never had a greater interest

We have had a presence at the Home Expo in Stavanger, Norway for the last 3 years running. And there has never been greater interest than this year, – people are now very keen on getting smart solutions for their homes. Because of that, we have spent the first half of May following  up on leads, -and there’s plenty to do. To date, we have approximately 250 connected homes, with over 1,500 Futurehome users. With the rapid pace of technological innovation happening at the moment the benefits of smart homes are beginning to have an impact, and people have become more accustomed to technology and smart solutions in everyday life.

Smart homes are available for all

A smart home has many advantages. It can simplify everyday life, provide security to occupants and allow control of the home at any time. Earlier these benefits got lost in complex systems and expensive solutions, and that is the reason why relatively few people have a smart home today. We developed the Futurehome concept precisely because of these problems. The problems had to be solved so that the benefits of a smart home became clearer and and so that the usefulness would begin to outweigh the perceived cost.

When we founded Futurehome in 2013, our vision was therefore to make smart homes attainable for anyone. Reducing the cost of a smart home and making it more user-friendly became our outspoken goals to achieve the vision.

“If you are building a new house and are going to buy light switches and thermostats anyway , you might as well buy smart light switches and thermostats .”

Smart home solutions have also become much more user-friendly and considerably less expensive than they used to be. In fact it is now possible to save money by opting for smart solutions for your new-build. Many of the various devices are wireless and do not need wiring into the building. That means saving time and effort, and they can easily and quickly be installed in existing homes too. If you are building a new house and are going to buy light switches and thermostats anyway, you might as well buy smart switches and thermostats. More and more people are now starting to see the logic in this approach.

So the smarthome market is definitely coming. The growth of the market will also be driven by all the smart devices that are coming to market in the coming months and years; be it the heat pump or the robotic lawnmower, the “Internet of Things” as it is called, will be a driving force in the continuing development of the this sector. It would be a shame if all these smart devices didn’t talk and work together to improve our daily lives. Having an app for each device is just cumbersome, plus it just makes automation more difficult and expensive.


The robotic lawnmower is here to stay – but why must it be so expensive and complicated to control them remotely?

Futurehome is working hard to support products from many different manufacturers. Our goal is that consumers can choose the best equipment for them, and get the smart devices to work together seamlessly in one simple system. Our system. An example of this is the smoke alarm going off at night triggering lights to go on and electronic door locks to open automatically. The occupants can get out quickly and safely, and the fire department can get in – as they received the fire alarm automatically once the smoke alarm was triggered.

Three heating zones = support from Enova

The price of a smart home is not what it once was. By streamlining the supply chain, we have reduced costs considerably for professionally installed smart homes. Now you can get three lighting zones and three heating zones for approximately € 1 500, installed by electrician for the time being in Norway. If you apply for the Enova grant, you can receive up to € 400 for installing a smart home system that lowers the energy consumption for a minimum of three heating zones. There is also a low threshold, you can start with a basic starter kit and set it up yourself. It is easy to expand the system later as you realize that the smart home solutions can solve more of your everyday needs.

Spread the smart home vision!

In 2016, the user experience is significantly better and more intuitive than ever before. So we are certainly closer to our goal of making smart homes cheaper and more user-friendly.

We are continuously adding improvements, so our goals are therefore the same now as they were three years ago. That is the reason why we will soon launch something completely new to ease the purchase and delivery process for smart homes.

We are working hard to make “smart homes available to everyone” and this vision is the same as before. To get there however, we need your help to spread the word about the aforementioned advantages of a smart home, in return we will work hard to make the smart home solutions even better.