The Future Home Smart Hub

The Future Home Smart Hub

For the upcoming blog posts we’ve decided to take a closer look at some of Future Home’s hardware components. First out is the Future Home Smart Hub.

The Smart Hub is the core of Future Home. Utilizing Wi-Fi and EnOcean’s radio protocols, it ensures all other devices can talk seamlessly together, and enables you to control them from anywhere in the world. It runs our Debian derived Operating System and software. It’s like an advanced router for your home utilities, not only relaying information and control settings between user and hardware, but keeping track of stats and timers, advanced learning, power saving controllers and so much more.

The Smart Hub is currently in development, scheduled to be finished by the end of 2014. When done, it will take us from a general-purpose computer gateway, which has been used in our pilot-installations, to a gateway where hardware and software is perfectly tailored together. This provides unparalleled reliability and the best possible smart home experience.


Since the smarthub will be part of, and present in your home, great effort has been put into making it as good looking and neutral as possible, without compromizing functionality or ease of use.

This is also (as far as we know) the first commercially available smart home gateway which utilizes the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, a small single boarded computer. The small form factor, the power and the lightning fast eMMC memory, all makes it the perfect server in our smart hub. We strive at making our hardware products just as great as our software, with a constant focus on high quality, high reliability and long product life-cycles.

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module does not only save us from having to “reinvent the wheel”, but it goes perfectly in line with our wish of making smart homes readily available and easy to acquire by everyone. A key factor here is of course sensible pricing. At the moment you can buy the Smart Hub for as low as $99. FYI This is dirt cheap!