Supporter update: Smarthub

Supporter update: Smarthub

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 15.55.52The last few weeks after we reached our crowdfunding goal has been the most hectic and exciting week in Future Home’s history. We really appreciate the support and positive feedback, and here’s an update on what we’re working on.

We made a few changes in the specification of the central unit after feedback during the campaign. These changes unfortunately affects the shipping date of the gateway, delaying it to March, as it takes some time to produce devices for the desired upgrades. We apologize strongly, but then again it will now be so much better. We still get in the rest of the components in January, and application will be ready. So we will still take the installations agreed in January, using the old prototype central unit and set up the new gateway in March.

In addition to this, we are working on adding support for Z-Wave products, so that we have more products compatible with Future Home. We will begin with Fibaro and their products, and expand thereon. Customer focus is incredibly important to us and we highly appreciate feedback on stuff that is good and what could be better. One result of this feedback, is that we now are creating a help desk portal with “how to” videos, and FAQs and other useful information.


The future will therefore also look busy for us, but that’s fine. We have to prepare well for the launch, although it is Christmas and holidays. For our part Christmas came early, as we funded our crowdfunding campaign. So a big thank you to all the Future Home friends who gave us the world’s best Christmas gift! Merry Christmas to you all from us at Future Home.