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Smart homes for beginners – How to get started

It can be difficult to get started with upgrading your house to a smart home. Especially for first timers, it’s easy to get lost in the vast amount of information on products and solutions.

It’s easier than you think!
The truth is that smart home devices are cheaper than you think and are more cost-effective than other home upgrades – and it has never been easier to install! So if you are one of those who have given up on finding a solution that fits you, don’t stop reading! We have the perfect package for you.

If you are uncertain of which system you should go for, it can be wise to start with a smaller solution that gives you a sense of what a full smart home can do for you.

We have created a simple start package for all beginners. The start package contains everything you need to get started with your new smart home. You can easily install all the products yourself, without the help of an electrician.

The Start Package
In designing a smart home, you can do as much or as little home automation as you want. Our start package is focused on products that you can use for everything from smart light control, heating and safety sensors. Installation will take you around an hour and all products are completely wireless.

The package costs only kr 3.799,- and contains:

smarthub-packagingFuturehome Smarthub
The Smarthub doesn’t do anything on its own, but when connected it acts as a central “brain” for all of your smart devices. It communicates on open industry standards such as Z-Wave, EnOcean and Ethernet — and the setup is easy plug-and-play!

So what can you connect to the Smarthub?


Smart plug shop-fibaroplug1
The smart plug socket from Fibaro is compact and beautifully designed. It can be used for any type of device which requires a wall socket and is one of the most universal smart home devices you can have. It has countless possibilities; control your coffee machine, panel heater, microwave, and lamp. The list goes on and on.It also has built-in power meter that provides an overview of the consumption of the device that is connected. Now it’s up to you to use your imagination!



Motion sensor
This tiny sensor has many responsibilities. It registers movement, temperature and brightness in the room it placed. The sensor uses the information it gathers to notify you if there is movement in the house when nobody’s home. It also turne on the light when you walk into a room, adjust the panel heaters to preferred heating and give you more comfortable light when moving at night.



Water leakage sensor
A water leakage in your home could be a costly affair. These sensors are very useful, flexible, and can even prevent thousands of kroner in potential damages.

When exposed to water, the water leakage sensor will signal through a built in siren and a LED light. With Futurehome connected, the sensor will simultaneously notify you via the application. Here you will also be shown in which room the flood is detected.


One of the best parts of the Futurehome system is that you can easily expand and upgrade your system as you go. It doesn’t require any major upgrades on the electrical system, nor any programming. So what are you waiting for? Get started with your smart home today!