Smart Home Parameters, Undreamt Configurations and Customizations

Smart Home Parameters, Undreamt Configurations and Customizations

You may have noticed that we now have support for setting parameters in the Futurehome application. Parameters are special settings you can assign to a device.

They have a somewhat complex setup, but this post will keep you covered.

A parameter has a number, a size and a value. The parameter-number defines what parameter you wish to set – a number so that the system can know what parameter it is. The size (or length) is the size of the value you are setting. If this seems complicated, don’t worry, each parameter with associated size, value and an explanation about the given parameter can be found in the device manual.

When you have entered all three required fields in the app, you can click the “SET” button, and the parameter will be on your device will be changed.


Following are some examples of extra settings and adjustments that you can enable by setting parameters.


You just switched from traditional halogen lights to LED bulbs, and would want to calibrate your Fibaro Dimmer 2 with the new bulbs for optimal settings.


By setting parameter 13 to 1 or 2 (with/without FIBARO Bypass 2), the device will start a calibration cycle. In the example we would like to start the calibration without the bypass 2.Dimmer 2 param


0 – readout

1 – force auto-calibration of the load without FIBARO Bypass 2

2 – force auto-calibration of the load with FIBARO Bypass 2

Default setting: 0

Parameter size: 1 [byte]





Your Fibaro Wall Plug is used on a refrigerator or a freezer, the result and smell in your home would be suboptimal if someone accidentally turned off the Wall Plug. So let’s activate the always on function by altering parameter 1.

Once activated, the Wall Plug will keep a connected device constantly ON, will stop reacting to alarm frames and B-button pushes.wallplug param

Available settings:

0 – function activated

1 – function inactive

Default setting: 1

Parameter size: 1 [byte]



Aeotec Multisensor_intro (1)

Aeotec multisensor 6 param

You have chosen to power your Aeotec Multisensor with a USB cable instead of batteries.

It is now possible to let the sensor update more frequently than once every 60 minutes without worrying about draining the battery.
You can therefore set the parameter to let the sensor update, say every 5 minutes, by setting parameter 111 to 300. Notice that the length in this example is set to 4.





The Fibaro Motion sensor is a great and discrete device, some people may want to make it even more discrete, so if you want you can turn off the LED notification in it.  
Remember that battery operated devices are normally asleep, meaning that they do not respond to any commands until they wake up. The parameter you set will be pushed to the device the next time it wakes up, or you can manually wake your device by pressing the button on the device.

Qubiono 1D Relay

“I am using a Qubino 1D relay to trigger my garage door opener, is there a way to automatically turn off the switch after 1 second after i have triggered the garage?”

Yes there is, adjust the auto turning off parameter.

Parameter no. 11 – Automatic turning off output after set time

When Relay is ON it goes automatically OFF after time defined by this parameter. Timer is reset to zero each time the module receives ON command regardless from where it comes (push button, associated module, gateway, controller, etc.).

Available configuration parameters (data type is 2 Byte DEC):

  • Default value 0
  • 0 – Auto OFF disabled
  • 1 – 32535 = 1 second (0,01 s) – 32535 seconds (325,35 s) Auto OFF enabled




“I have a Fibaro Relay switch with an Impulse switch attached to it, not a toggle switch. Is there anyway i can change the device to work with the momentary switch?”

Parameter 14 defines type of connected switch

Available settings:

0 – momentary switch

1 – toggle switch

Default setting: 1

Parameter size: 1 [byte]

Notes and comments

Have you set up a special functionality through a parameter or have you placed a device in a special place? We have also added the possibility of adding comments to devices to help you remember all the details associated to a device.


Som du ser så kan en parameter forandring på en enhet utvide funksjonaliteten til den og gjøre ditt smarte hjem enda smartere. Denne innføringen til parametre dekker bare et fåtall av de parametrene som er tilgjengelig, noen enheter har over 50 innstillinger man kan gjøre.

Vi ønsker å oppfordre alle om å trø varsomt når man endrer på et parameter og at man kun endrer på det man er helt sikker på. Det å endre et parameter kan ha negativ innvirkning på funksjonaliteten til en enhet og kan påvirke hvor stabil den er, hvordan den kommuniserer, forbruk av batteri og funksjonaliteten.

Har du et spesielt oppsett som du er spesielt fornøyd med? Vi og alle andre Futurehome brukere hører gjerne fra deg dersom du har noe som vil kunne bidra til et smartere hjem.