New Smarthub and app update from Futurehome

New Smarthub and app update from Futurehome

Dear futurist!

We have been working day and night finalizing the next Futurehome update. In true Futurehome style we will be releasing a yearly update and facelift to the app. The app which will be launched soon contains several new functions and even more to come throughout the fall. This is the biggest update Futurehome has released since launch in April 2016. Several of the new features in the new app are also dependent on a new software update to your Smarthub.

About the new app features

The new Futurehome app has a new suite of colours and tons of new user interface improvements for ease of use. We have been gathering feedback from all of you amazing customers since the birth of Futurehome. The feedback has been given to us through our Slack channel, in customer meetings, expos, user interface interviews and surveys. We have carefully analyzed how everyone uses the app on a day-to-day basis and we believe this update will make you very happy.

Here are some of the main new features:


  • Brand new look and feel
  • New sidebar to the left to select sites
  • New content menu to the right giving you what you need when you need it
  • New cards on the main overview
  • Areas: create areas like first floor, second floor etc and place rooms inside them
  • Set rooms as “outdoor” rooms
  • New Outdoors overview with outdoor devices and weather forecast
  • New Alarm views with alarm instructions
  • New alarm functions for fire alarm enabling fire alarm service to be used in apartment buildings
  • Brand new way of adding users with different roles
  • New advanced device setting


About the new Smarthub software update features


  • New Z-Wave engine completely rebuilt from the bottom up, read more why from this blog post.
  • Support for Z-Wave with multiple channels like Z-Water, Z-DIN 616 and similar.
  • Support for many new Z-Wave devices Like IDLock 150, Simon S100, Heatit Z-TRM2 Thermostat and many more.
  • Most common Z-Wave devices should now be supported.
  • Support for new alarm types like “Carbon monoxide”, “Heat”, “Heat rise” and similar.
  • Support for setting Z-Wave associations being able to directly pair Z-Wave devices between each other enabling support for wireless switches, turning off water valves upon leak detection of a sensor, creating groups of lights and much much more.
  • New device health monitoring system for monitoring if devices have been tampered with, not running on AC power, have not reported when they should and similar.
  • Rebuilt push notification system from scratch
  • Support for manually polling devices to force an update of the device
  • Support for clearing a device in order to remove a faulty state
  • Network update and network heal functions


Statistics & Energy overview

In order to release this app in time for important new products in the market we have decided to exclude statistics and the power overview in the app for now. Both statistics and power overview will be re-introduced later but we want to improve on how they work in the system in order to provide you all with an even better experience.

Important message to customers with Fireangel smoke sensor

If you have a Fireangel smoke sensor installed you will need to follow this link in order to make it work properly in the new updated Smarthub software. The smoke sensor has to be deleted before the update and included again afterwards.

Get Safe – Smart safety for you housing collective

During this release we have been working closely with Get to deliver a new and smarter safety product for housing collectives. If you live in an apartment building or housing collective you can now order Get safe for your building. Get Safe provides new and old buildings with a cost effective solution to water leak and fire alarm service tying it all into a 24/7 staffed  alarm central. Get Safe is using a state of the art Smoke sensor which will change the expectations for fire detection systems delivered commercially. If you are interested you can read more about Get Safe here. 

When will I get the updates?

This update will be rolled out as two parts. The first release will be the new and updated app and in the following weeks after that we will begin rolling out the update to your Smarthubs.

You don´t have to do anything special to your system, when the update is available the app will indicate that it is available.

  • The Smarthub update will be released shortly after the new Futurehome app has been released.
  • All new customers will be given the update immediately when connecting their Smarthub for the first time.
  • All existing customers will be migrated over to the new Smarthub version over the coming months.

What if I want the new update for my Smarthub sooner?

If you are an existing customer and you want to update your Smarthub when the new version is released then you can get access sooner.
If you want to upgrade and you have a Futurehome Smarthub with Z-Wave devices today you have to remove all your Z-Wave devices and the update will become available to you. After updating you can include all your devices again and it will be running on the new Smarthub version.