New releases in the app – Are you ready for in-house delivery?

The time when you had to be home to let an electrician in or had to make a pair of spare keys for your house keeper is now passed. Groceries can even be delivered straight to the door … of your refrigerator! 

User permissions
Our new user permissions allow service providers as electricians, cleaners, cat watchers or mother in laws to get temporary access to your home, without you having to be there yourself. You can choose which user type you want to give, both in relation to role and timeline. This means that the service provider will only have access to your site when he/she is doing the job. After the job is finished, the access will be terminated and can no longer be used.

brykertilgang smarthus

Active or passive heating in your smart home
We have updated the user interface of for heating in the application. It now indicates if the heater is “heating” or “passive”. This also makes it easier to see whether the heat is automatically turned down because of an open door or window.

smarthus varmestyring

Modes and short cuts
Modes and short cuts are now divided into two separate categories, to make it easier t understand how these works independently. Modes are used to customize your home based on whether people are home, away, sleeping or on a holiday. Short cuts are mainly for setting the mood for your routines when you are home.

If you don’t have a mode switch you can buy one in our webshop with stickers indicating the modes to change between. If you already have a mode switch but without the stickers, you can buy them separately and switch out the old ones.

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New initial setup
We have also created a whole new way of getting started with Futurehome the first time you visit the app, Now you can finally choose which type of “site” you have. Is it your cabin? Your office or your home?

For the first time, you can also point out our exact location on a map, så that address and similar will be auto filled. Later there will be more exciting functions related to this feature…

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In addition to the changes mentioned, we have quite a few minor updates. You can read all about them in our complete change log for June and July.