Futurehome with a new coat and new functions under the hood!

Futurehome with a new coat and new functions under the hood!

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Complete control and overview of your connected home should be as easy as possible. We have therefore updated the whole Futurehome application for better functionality and increased user friendliness.

Basically, we have redesigned the application from scratch based on all your good feedback.  With special attention to ease of navigation, less navigational steps, increased readability and a more dynamic dashboard we would like to present you with the new app and it’s main new functions:

Key features of the new version of the application and the system:

  • Easier and faster navigation
  • Extended information on each device
  • The Fire alarm service
  • Support for motor control such as shading and garage doors.


One of the most popular requests from you as a user, has been related to navigation in the app. How to navigate to and from the dashboard from the different areas has now been moved to a bottom navigation menu, and this means that all major functions is only one click away from the dashboard. The newly revamped dashboard now has all the most important features available right from the start. You can set the modes of your home, run shortcuts or get to all other major areas in the app like lights, appliances, security, rooms.

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Do you miss the big energy wheel previously displayed on the dashboard? We had a lot of feedback that it did not provide value to all of you, so we decided to move it for now. In our opinion, energy and smarter energy control is a major part of our product offering and will continue to be our focus in the coming years, we have then decided to utilize the space on the dashboard to provide better context of the home and more suited to each individual based on the devices in use.

The goal with the new dashboard is to, in time, allow you to customize your own dashboard based on your needs. The dashboard has a standard set of “cards” at the moment but will be configurable in time.

Readability has also been important with this update, the new app has a dark background on white cards and black text, something which improves contrast on most devices, regardless of brightness around you when using the app. At a later stage we would like to enable theming and allow you as a user to select a suit of colors matching your preference.


Sensors and device information

The Futurehome team wants you to be able to monitor your home and give you the information available from the devices installed. The most important features used at a daily bases are readily available at the dashboard, furthermore, all available data from all sensors and controls are now available if needed. All sensor information and data from devices can be found under the “rooms view” and under “setup”.

Information from devices with multiple sensors in them are now presented as a sensor “card” in the room the sensor is installed. From the same card you can also monitor battery status, for devices supporting reading battery from 0-100%.

Rooms _

In addition to being able to monitor each individual sensor in the system you will now also be able to monitor power consumption on each individual device supporting metering. Previously this was only available as aggregated data under the room it was in, but now you can monitor each device at the same time as the total consumption for all devices in that room.

We have also simplified the list under “Lights”, “Comfort” and “Appliances” in order to reduce scrolling and make it more compact, making navigation easier.

The third state

With this release we will be introducing a new state under modes, shortcuts, triggers, timers, fire alarm etc. In some cases one would like to let a device be untouched when an action is performed. That means that you will not only be able to select that a device should be turned “ON” or “OFF” but also to ignore it in order to let the state be the same.

An example of such a scenario is for motion in a room to turn on lights. You may only want the ceiling light to turn on but the reading light in the corner should keep the current state, if motion is detected in a room the light will be kept “ON” if it was on or kept “OFF” if it was “OFF”.

third state


Fire Alarm

Being notified when smoke is detected is a valuable feature in any security system, but what if your home could act for you in such a situation?

With Futurehome’s Fire alarm service we can mitigate the effects in the event of a fire, and aid in a evacuation situation. The system will be able to automatically turn off appliances, turn off heating, deactivate snap lock on the front door, turn on lights and activate all sirens. The system will also keep any valves mounted on a water supply to ensure the fire hose has the needed supply of water. The app will present you with a fire alarm page indicating which rooms smoke is detected, a log of important events and allow you to act upon the incident. You can turn off sirens or disable the alarm if there was a false detection, you can call the emergency telephone number or confirm the event if there is an actual fire to inform other people with access to the site that there is a confirmed fire.
Throughout the year we will  be releasing a range of new alarm features with the same look and feel as this fire alarm on order to protect you, your property and loved ones.

Fire Alarm


Ensure you have the necessary devices in your home to fully utilize the power of this new alarm feature:




Timeline and push notifications

The timeline and push notifications is now language selectable, whereas they previously were only in English you can now have Norwegian push notifications and events on the timeline based on the language you have set in your profile. Additionally you will now be able to activate push notifications to warn you if a device has low battery. The profile settings are now available in the top right corner of the app under the site settings.

Timeline _ Push

You will now be able to name your own timers and you can also temporarily deactivate them.  The steps and buttons for setting up a timer has now been changed to ease creating them.


Force delete
It is now possible to force delete Z-Wave devices, which can be done if you have a device that is not working properly or where you are not able to delete using the normal deletion (Z-Wave exclude). To be able to force delete a device you first have to attempt normal exclusion and then select “Force delete”, the force delete may take some time as it is trying to verify if the device is reachable before completely removing it.

Slett enhet



We have been working hard to meet some of your top wishes and believe that this release will be much appreciated. The update will be rolled out during this week, so keep an eye out and look forward to exploring the new look and feel and system functions.
We are very curious to find out what your opinion is on this release and would like to invite you to discuss it on our community on Slack!