IFTTT + Futurehome = True

IFTTT + Futurehome = True

Dear Futurehome customers, we have promised you integrations towards connected products like Phillips Hue, Amazon Echo, Logitech Harmony remotes, Netatmo Weather stations and many other products for quite a while now. We are always going to deliver on your wishes, so today we are releasing the first step to the connected home which can communicate with “anything”. We now have an integration towards the popular cloud service called IFTTT; IF THIS THEN THAT!


IFTTT_Recipe copy



IFTTT let’s you tie in your Futurehome towards hundreds of other connected devices and online services. Through IFTTT you will be able to control your Futurehome based on events through other IFTTT enabled devices, or you can make all your connected devices do stuff based on events in your Futurehome.




IFTTT is unbelievably simple. Let’s look at some of our favourites:


“If i activate “Sleepmode”, then turn off my television”

With the Logitech Harmony remotes you can control all your media devices like TV and Sonos.




At sunset the garden lights will turn on



When i turn on a light in Futurehome, then turn on my Phillips Hue lights as well.



“When the last family member leaves the home, then your Futurehome will be set to awaymode”

With the app called Life360, you can automate your home based on the location of family members.




“If your Netatmo weather station detects high wind levels, then close the awning”
You can protect your Futurehome-controlled awning with a Netatmo weather station an a windgauge.




Have you been fortunate enough to get your hands on an Amazon Echo?

Control your Futurehome with your voice, Alexa! Trigger Good Night!



Just because we have chosen to support IFTTT does not mean that we will never get any true native integrations towards some of the devices highlighted above. IFTTT is a cloud based integration which will be a door-opener and provide lots of possibilities, both now and also in the future for any new popular connected product which hits the market. We are still convinced however, that the best integrations are the ones we do ourselves, but you as a Futurehome customer will now be able to integrate towards your products while we take our time to build the best possible native integrations.
We would love to hear from you after using IFTTT for a while. What’s your favourite recipe? Have you had any eye-openers?

Please share your favourite recipe with us through IFTTT and on any social media plattform.

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