What’s new with the app after the launch?

What’s new with the app after the launch?

As most of you might have already noticed, we updated the app last week! This new update overhauls the entire app and should hopefully make it easier for you to use. Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the new features!

Widget View

The new dashboard has been changed completely and now shows you, at a glance, the status of your site when it comes to power consumption, lighting, heating, appliances and weather. You also have quick access to controls for each of these categories by simply clicking on the category you wish to control. This will bring up a new window where you get additional information as well as access to controls for each category.

Swiping left, you get access to the security status of your house where you can check if doors are locked, windows are open and if there’s presence in your house. Clicking on the status of your house will give you access to controlling any door or other security component that has been added to your house.

Swiping left again will show the comfort widget where you can at a glance get more detailed information about lighting, heating and weather. Again, clicking on any section will show the control window for that category.


Changing modes or setting shortcuts can now be done from anywhere in the app by clicking the top right corner. It’s a minor change, but is super handy. As before, going back to the dashboard can be done by clicking top center.



The overview of all the rooms in your house is still available, but it has moved slightly, it’s now found in the sidebar. Based on feedback from many of you, we’ve made things a little easier to read and a little easier to use. You might also notice that the controls have changed slightly which hopefully makes differentiating between lights being on / off a little better.

Z-Wave Support

Maybe the most anticipated feature, we have finally brought Z-Wave support to Futurehome! A list of currently supported devices are available on our website, and we are working on expanding it. If you have any devices that you think we should support, please let us know.

To pair a Z-Wave device, navigate to “setup” as before and click “+ Device”. This will start auto-inclusion. Next, start inclusion on the device you wish to add. Once a quick verification has been performed, your new Z-Wave device is ready to use.

Note that you need the new Smarthub in order to add Z-Wave devices. The new Smarthub and devices can now be ordered on our new webshop.

Small bits

There are several other small changes to the app and there are more to come. If you have any ideas for features that could be great to have, please send us an email as we would love to hear it.

Some highlights of the small bits include:

– Setting functionality of a device has been simplified and has been reduced to three different functionalities, lighting, heating and appliance.
– You can now differentiate between a door and a window when adding a magnet contact. This helps showing correct information in the dashboard and helps you get a better overview of your house.
– Dimmable lights have been made more intuitive, and will now clearly show what value they will dim to when turned on.
– You can now clearly see the owner of a site before changing to it.
– Steps required to add modes, shortcuts and timers have been reduced, making it faster to add.

We hope you like this update as much as we do, and we look forward to hearing suggestions from you regarding new features.