Can Stavanger become a Smart City?

Can Stavanger become a Smart City?


Time flies by quickly, and it’s like John Lennon said “life is what happens while you’re busy making plans”. And with the funding in place, we made a lot of plans.

Most of these plans are related to further development of Future Home. The development team have buried themselves in exciting projects to make Future Home even better. Two of the projects are related to integrating Zaptec’s charger for electric cars and ID Lock’s electronic lock. Both Zaptec and ID Lock are from the Stavanger region, and they are among several companies focusing on the development of smart cities. Can Stavanger become a smart city? A lot looks like that these days.

Stavanger has been awarded Smart City Light House status by the EU. Stavanger will thus become a pioneer for other European cities when it comes to making cities more intelligent. But what is a smart city? A smart city uses modern technology to offer its citizens better solutions, such as welfare technology, where Stavanger also has cluster project named Norwegian Smart Care Cluster. Welfare technology may include automation of lighting and heating control for the elderly, something our very first customer, Ella Svendsen, received from her family for her 90th birthday in 2013.


Stavanger Smart City is also the main reason why Nordic Edge Expo was initiated and arranged for the first time. The Nordic Edge Expo aims to bring together the smart city and the smart home industry to meet and to inspire new ideas. With Future Home being from Stavanger, it was a mandatory event for us. This was the first year of Nordic Edge, and people weren’t sure what to expect, but in hindsight it is easy to say the event was successful and had engaging lectures. For Future Home’s part it was really exciting to meet people from around the world at our demo stand and discuss smart home solutions.

Stavanger can certainly become a smart city, and become a pioneer in the development of new services based on technology. EU hopes that Stavanger’s solutions can be used in other European cities as well. Future Home also want to be a part this and aims to bring smart home solutions to the world. When our vision is to offer smart homes for everyone, we have to be active to reach more people. We are therefore going to continue to participate on events like home expos, Slush and Web Summit to show that smart home is indeed for everyone. Hope to see you soon!