The Smart Hub awaiting CE approval

The Smart Hub awaiting CE approval


The final work on the new Smart Hub is progressing rapidly, but not as fast as planned. Originally we wanted to launch it in October, but unfortunately we have to postpone the launch date. The Smart Hub has just finished the CE pre-certification and is currently awaiting CE-certification.

We are working hard to finalize the Smart Hub as soon as possible, and we have therefore not set a new date for when it’s ready. There is no denying that we have missed badly on the time estimation of the launch, and that is something we sincerely apologise for. Going forward we will work hard to get the Smart Hub finished, while maintaining our high quality requirements. Development of electronic devices is an important but difficult task, and we want to do this thoroughly. We don’t want to send out a mediocre product, the Smart Hub must be great!

While awaiting the new Smart Hub, it is still possible to order smart home from us and get the current Smart Hub delivered. As soon as the new Smart Hub arrives, we will switch to the new one free of charge for customers wanting the new one. It is also possible to pre-order the new Smart Hub now.

ID Lock Breddebilde 02

The new Smart Hub will have support for Z-wave products, which means that you can control a lot more products from the Future Home app, including the electronic lock ID-Lock and the electronic thermostat Multireg. We will continue to add new products to the Future Home universe while at the same time finishing the new Smart Hub. As soon as the new Smart Hub is ready, we will launch it with lots of exciting new features and supported devices, so stay tuned!