Smart Homes are Just as Cheap as Regular Homes

Smart Homes are Just as Cheap as Regular Homes

Are you building a new house or renovating in 2017?

– Then it’s wise to think smart!

You are smart, your phone is smart, and therefore your house should be smart too
Because of the rapid advancements in consumer technology, the market for smart homes evolves very fast, and has further lead to a decrease in price for smart products. Per today, smart home solutions are competitive with regular “dumb” solutions. This means that if you are building new or renovating, it will pay off to think smart.

Overview of prices for regular versus smart home products:

Unconnected products (stupid) Connected products (smart)
Water Leakage 1 169 kr Smart Water Leakage Sensor    559 kr
Smoke Detector    769 kr Smart Smoke Detector    755 kr
Thermostat 1 199 kr Smart Thermostat 1 690 kr
Elko Dimmer 250w    549 kr Smart Dimmer 230w    579 kr


Price for a fully installed smart home 
As an example, if you want a smart home with 3 dimmable light zones, control of 3 heating zones, 3 smoke detectors and 1 digital door lock, it will only cost 22 551 kr fully installed.

Dot believe us? See for yourself!