Smart Cities – Barcelona!

Smart Cities – Barcelona!

We have just finished our kick-off session at FRAM Smart Cities project in Barcelona, organized by Innovation Norway. The FRAM Smart Cities programe is hosted in Norway, UK and Spain and gives us access to support and guidance to grow and transform our business internationally.

We participate together with eSmart Systems, Lyse, Westcontrol, Zaptec, FARA, Numascale and Nordic Smart Building and look forward to working together during the next 8 months.

Spain is in 3rd place in Europe with regards to the number of Smart Cities initiatives. During this week we have had the opportunity to visit Barcelona Activa  which promotes economic growth of Barcelona and its metropolitan area since 1986. Coaching entrepreneurs from their business ideas to the setting up of their companies, fostering entrepreneurship to position Barcelona as a model of entrepreneurial city. Barcelona Activa is one of the innovation hubs of the city and next to other activities, they offer incubator spaces for startups.

We met the executives of world class companies like Cisco, NEC and Indra and have learnt a lot about global trends and development plans. It is gonna be an exciting journey!

In Europe the UK and Spain are at the front‐line in responding to Smart Cities challenges and great locations to establish game changing collaborations.

According to IBM Smarter cities for smarter growth study, cities need to focus initially on four high-impact areas of improvement:

  • Reduce congestion in transport systems.
  • Improve public safety by reducing crime and emergency response time.
  • Streamline and tailor services for the citizens, including a heavy emphasis on education and training.
  • Enable appropriate access to healthcare data for better quality of care, early disease detection and prevention

In a previous blog post we talked about if Stavanger can become a smart city. We believe disruptive solutions can contribute to not just transform Stavanger, but cities elsewhere as well. We at Future Home look forward to contributing to make that happen!