A smart cabin for more family fun

A smart cabin for more family fun

Norwegians love traditions, and every winter cabin owners, family and friends rush to the mountains. For most of us, this also means using Friday night to warm up the freezing cabin. By all means this has its charm, but if you are tired of arriving to a cold cabin, there is a solution. In this blog post we will show you how a smart cabin solution from Futurehome can increase the family fun.

smarthus hytte

Comfort and safety
Our cabin kit is suiteble for you who wants to make your cabin a bit smarter, safer and more comfortable place to arrive at. The package is designed to increase your comfort and reduce the risk of accidents at your holiday home. This is especially useful when most often, you are hours away from your cabin.

The installation doesn’t require any technical experience and is more or less “plug and play”. Everyone can do it, directly from their smartphone.

The Cabin Kit includes:

  1. Our Smarthub, the systems brain, which communicates with your smartphone and your smart things
  2. Smart wall plugs for heat control of two panel heaters
  3. One smart water leakage sensor
  4. One smart smoke sensor
  5. One motion sensor with built in temperature and activity detector

Turn of your worries for good
It is reassuring to know that if something happens to your cabin, you will be notified immediately. In case of fire, water leakage or burglary, you will get a warning, regardless of where you are in the world. The last example proved especially useful to one of our customers who had uninvited guests during the christmas holidays:

Skjermbilde 2017-03-06 kl. 13.52.22NB: Camera function is operated by a third party supplier


Get started on the family fun sooner
With smart heat control from Futurehome you can start the family fun the minute you walk in the cabin door. Our Smarthub, one motion sensor, and two wall plugs is all that is needed to control your panel heaters. To connect it to your phone, the only thing you need to do is to insert the wall plug into the socket, and add the product to the same room as the motion sensor in the application. Then we will automatically take care of the regulation of the oven, and you can control the whole thing from your phone.

So while the stores are overflown with oranges, kvikklunsj and over priced chocolate eggs, you can be assured that your cabin is in safe hands with a smart solution from Futurehome!