New app update!

New app update!

App Dashboard

After several weeks of hardcore development, we’ve finally released a new version of the Future Home app, packed with new features.

The update is based on feedback from all of you, and we picked out the features we thought to be most important and started developing. As you might have already noticed, this is a big update with a lot of new things, so let’s go through some of the changes:

  • Redesign

The first thing you might notice is that the dashboard, as well as several other components, have been redesigned. In fact, most of the app has been redesigned and overhauled. The new dashboard focuses on six blocks that quickly show you the status of your site, as well as the weather outside. From the dashboard you can still activate modes as well as the new feature we’ve called shortcuts. Scrolling down you’ll still find all the rooms in your house with the respective controllable devices.

  • Shortcuts

Perhaps the most requested feature was the ability to create your own modes. This is introduced through shortcuts which allow you to create customized modes that you can activate right from the dashboard. You can, for example, create a shortcut that sets the lighting to the exact value you prefer when eating dinner. You can then trigger it manually, or you can create a timer that triggers the shortcut every day around dinner time.

Important informasjon regarding modes: You will now have to specify what lights you wish for the modes to turn on/off, if any at all. You can do this from the modes & shortcuts setting under settings. You will now have the ability to specifically define the value of the lights as well as selecting which lights the mode should turn on/off.

Dashboard and Timers

  • Triggers

Here we’ve added a “timeout” setting for Motion Home and Motion Sleep so that you can define when you want lights to go off again after presence is no longer detected. Maybe you don’t want the lights to go off until you actually turn them off yourself? By setting the timeout to “never” you can easily do this from the triggers settings.

  • Sites

Last but not least, we’ve added support for adding and removing sites directly from the app. If you want to set up Future Home at your cabin you can now easily create a new site directly from the sidebar. You can also delete a site completely or change the ownership of a site. When you delete a site, all the information on the Smart Hub is removed as well as all logs related to your site. You can also factory reset the Smart Hub if you wish to keep your site, but not the contents that’s on the Smart Hub.

What’s to come?

We’re not slowing down development and we’re going to release even more exciting features over the summer, so stay tuned!