Smart Hub Launch!

Smart Hub Launch!

Finally, the new Smart Hub will be launched the 31st of March! The Smart Hub has just recently been CE-approved and the first test batch has been tested thoroughly, so we are now waiting for the first big batch of Smart Hubs to arrive.

We know that people have been waiting for the Smart Hub for quite some time, and the shipments will start on 31st of March and be delivered according to the waiting list. Meaning if you have ordered a smart home kit or the Smart Hub from Futurehome, you will receive it according to your place in the queue. We will ship it as soon as we have it. If you haven’t preordered the Smart Hub yet, you can send us an e-mail

The new Smart Hub will include another communication standard, Z-wave, so there are quite a few new products that will be supported as well, like Fibaro, Aeotec, Popp, ID Lock, Multireg and a range of other manufacturers.

The best looking app for the connected home just got even better, as we will issue the new app on the 31st. The update will include new exciting features and functionality. The new app update is our biggest so far, and detailed information will be covered in another blog post soon.

At the same time we are also working on a web portal with an integrated webshop to be launched around the launch date. In the meantime you still have to order by dropping us an e-mail, but that is soon to end.

We are going to present all this with a proper launch party. The launch event will be held in our Stavanger office, 31st March at 19:00. Would you like the chance to win tickets to our big launch party? We have reserved 10 tickets, and you and one friend can be the lucky winners. Share this blog post on a social media platform and use the @Futurehome or #futurehome #smarthub and we will pick out five lucky winners who will receive two tickets each. If you don’t want to win any tickets, but just share the good news, you are free to do that too.