Highlights of the Year!

Highlights of the Year!

The year of 2015 is coming to an end, and it’s time to sum up an eventful year and share some of the highlights!

February – The year started well when we won the award for Best Norwegian Crowdfunding Campaign 2015, which made us extremely proud. In addition to the $ 200 000 the campaign brought in to further our development, the successful crowdfunding also brought us some new opportunities which we are very thankful for.


April – It was a special and memorable moment to see Future Home on display in a store for the first time. Launching our products in store was a big event for us, knowing all the hard work it took to get us there. From an idea to an actual product in store, I think you can tell by our expressions the exciting feelings we had that day.


June – After working on a minimum budget for a long while, we got funded to grow Future Home with 10 million NOK in funding. More importantly we didn’t only get money, but smart money, as we now have a professional and experienced board to help us build and grow the company further.

October – At the beginning of the year the number of Futurists were six people and in October we had doubled that. We will be even more people in 2016 and continue our growth. We are still looking for talented people to join us and create the future if! Interested, click here


November – We have participated on a number of events and conferences this year. Nordic Edge Expo, an international expo on smart cities and smart homes was the most interesting as it happened in Stavanger, our hometown. Stavanger is aiming to be one of the leading smart cities in Europe, and it is going to be interesting to see the development in 2016 and how we will contribute to that. Web Summit in Dublin was by far the biggest event, with over 40 000 people from the startup world and we reached the semi-finals of the pitch competition. A huge accomplishment considering the number of participants.

December – We have made a lot of updates on the app this year. User-friendliness is the core of what we do and this has increased along with the features and functionality. Some of the things we are working on is support for Apple Watch, and the launch of our own open API. We will continue work relentlessly and publish updates as soon as they are ready.

If 2015 was an eventful year, I am sure next year is going to be even better. We are looking forward to the journey that 2016 will bring and we are excited as we have a lot interesting stuff planned for next year. So stay tuned and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!