Future Home’s 3rd Birthday! Let’s look at the development during these 3 years

Future Home’s 3rd Birthday! Let’s look at the development during these 3 years

Future Home is 3 years old, who would have dreamed that when we first started?  It has been an exciting journey so far, from idea through the start up phase. The new Smart Hub is now CE-approved, which is the best birthday present we could have asked for. But first let us celebrate by looking at the development through these years…

If we wander down Memory Lane and take a look at the first version of the app, user-friendly isn’t the first word you think of, -it was simple and functional. In the early stages we had multimedia solutions as well, but it has been difficult to create a good multimedia solution for the average user. We haven’t given up, but it takes time. This interface was made the autumn 2012, before the company officially was founded.


Previously, we used a bird’s view of the application to give the best overview, as you can see from the app of 2013. The way you controlled the various lights, heaters etcetera, was actually by touching the different icons, as one can see in the video. Quite intuitively really, but not really scalable with big houses with multiple floors.

The first version of the Smart Hub was very simplistic. Later versions were more customed to fit the purpose. Both Smart Hubs have more or less the same components, with a Raspberry Pi Compute Module at the center of it all.


Looking at the app from 2014 is more smart phone friendly, and this was also the first time we cooperated with professional designers from the EGGS Design team. The app appears quite nice and gives a good visual overview of the home, also the navigation is considerably more easy.


The 2015 version of the app is a lot better than the previous versions and do of course have more functionality. Here, the screen gives a simple overview of the state of the entire home.


It is easy to see the progress the app has had over time, and that it has become more and more user-friendly.

As for the new Smart Hub, we will finally get a gateway that is specially tailored to fit the purpose. It has more functionality, in addition to support for several new devices, and yeah it looks great. It is finally CE-approved, which is the best birthday present we could have gotten. We are working hard to finalise the last pieces to set a launch date, and will publish news related to this as soon as possible.


The first thought that strikes when we see the old app images are “A lot has happened” The app today looks completely different than it did three years ago, todays version is much more user-friendly. The first Smart Hub was also simple, but it did the job that it was supposed to do.

The development of the app and Smart Hub shows that it is possible to start with something fairly simple and constantly work on making it better. As “parents” we’re pretty proud of how our baby has evolved in the three years that have passed, and it’s quite nostalgic to think of now. If nothing else, it shows that there is constant development and that we are constantly trying to make things better and improve.


A lot have happened in these three years, but the next three years are going to be even more adventurous. We have some exciting plans, but it is hard to imagine how the future will look like. One thing is certain however, Future Home will continue to evolve!