First batch done!

First batch done!


We have delivered out kits to all the supporters who wanted Future Home with the current Smart Hub. One of these supporters was retailer Jernia Hundvåg, who wanted to sell Future Home to their customers.

Launching in a store was exciting, as we did not know how the response would be.  But our first retail launch was succesful as you kan read in NRKs article here. We also installed Future Home in the actual store, simplifying Jernia Hundvåg’s closing routines, as well as giving them an opportunity to show their customers a live demo:

It’s really nice to get feed back from our first customers on how easy Future home is to install, how fast it is both local and externally, as well as a stable system.

A lot of our customers are engaged with the further development of Future Home, and are sending us ideas about new functionality and changes, and we highly appreciate your input. With this in mind I wanted to list up some of the projects we are working on until the official launch of the new Smart Hub in July:

  • Ability to create custom House Modes
  • Ability to create custom Triggers
  • Ability to create custom Notifications
  • Offline support
  • Overview of sensor data (Statistics).
  • Ability to use mobile geolocation in Triggers.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 15.55.52

In addition to these projects, we are also working on adding new products, among others, a couple of Z-wave products. Our new customer support page, (currently only in Norwegian), will continously be updated with information about supported products and products that we are working on to include.

Thanks to all our crowdfunding supporters and everyone who is rooting for us. Future Home wouldn’t be possible without you.