Product release – Fibaro Smoke Detector

Smart røykvarsler fra fibaro

Product release – Fibaro Smoke Detector

The danger of fire is one of the biggest risks we have in our homes, but with a smart smoke detector one can easily prevent or minimize the impact. We are therefore proud to present Fibaro’s new fire alarm, the Fibaro Smoke Sensor FGSD-002, to our product range. 

Detection of smoke or temperature changes
If the Fibaro smoke sensor detects smoke or substantial temperature changes, it will signal trough two types of alarms; a build-in siren and an LED light. The optical detector is capable of detecting fire at an early stage, often before the fire has erupted and the temperature rises. With Futurehome smart home connected, the Fibaro smoke sensor will simultaneously notify you via the Futurehome application. You will also be shown in which room the fire is detected.

The smart smoke detector has a built-in thermometer to notify you in the event of high temperatures, with this feature it also enables the sensor to take part in the regular heating control system. The smoke detector is run on batteries and is designed to be placed on the ceiling or walls, in areas well-suited to detect smoke.


Fibaro røykvarsler

The best looking smoke detector on the market?
In addition to all this, the Fibaro Smoke Sensor might be the best looking smoke detector available. The size is less than half of a regular smoke detector and is designed to be used in smaller rooms under normal conditions, free of dust, smoke, steam or other particles in the air.

The perfect supplement
The Fibaro smoke detector does not qualify for the Norwegian Tek10 requirements, as it can not be powered by external power supply and with battery as backup. However, the smoke sensor is perfect as a supplement smoke detector used along side those who are demanded as a minimum by Tek10. Here you can for example use one of our Popp Smoke Detectors in each floor of your home, with supplement from the Fibaro sensor in all other rooms where a sensor is needed.


The Fibaro Smoke Sensor is available in our online store today!