Every second counts

Every second counts

One of the most important aspects of a smart house is to be able to utilize all sensors and controllable devices to prevent incidents like fire, water leakage or similar of occurring. A smart home is able to take preventative measures to reduce the risk of such incidents. However, It is still reassuring to know that the system takes care of you should the worst thinkable still occur.

Imagine the following scenario

A couple wakes up in the middle of the night, the fire alarm is beeping in the distant. They can barely hear it because the fire alarm is not in the same floor. The first thing they notice as they wake up, is the taste of smoke in their mouths and their eyes hurt. They quickly recover and understand what is happening. The first thing they think of is the kids that are fast asleep in the other end of the house. In utter darkness and smoke they make their way to their bedroom and lifts them out of their bed. They head on down the stairs and towards the main entrance. Valuable time is spent as they can barely navigate in the thick and heavy smoke which fills the room. As they approach the front door they struggle to get the lock open, after a while the door opens and the family can take the first breath of fresh air in a long time. They are safe, however, what started out as a smoldering fire is now predominant.

Now imagine the same scenario with a smart home

The couple are woken up by all  the smoke sensors beeping away in the whole house. The lights in the bedroom and the rest of the house are lit, the phone on the nightstand lights up, the lock screen has a message everyone fears: “Smoke detected in the Laundry!”.They quickly pop out of their bed and fetch the kids from their bed, they make their way down the stairs and towards the entrance.

There is no visible smoke in the rest of the house, so one of them decides to walk back in and opens the door to the laundry. Some smoke arises but is quickly cleared by the backwash from the door. The smoldering fire which started in the water boiler was prevented when the power to it was shut off The fire detector in the laundry told the Smart Hub of its smoke detection, and the Smart Hub effectively cut all power in the room.

These two scenarios could under different circumstances have led to loss of lives. This is not scare tactics, but a reminder to check your home and see if you can make it more safe. We know that our system can contribute on so many levels, especially with security, and we are happy to help you create a safer home.