10 reasons for NOT buying a smart home

10 reasons for NOT buying a smart home


What did we do before we got smart phones? The question makes us think about what we did before everything was done available from our pocket and became so easy. Now the question is if smart people need smart homes or not? The answer is no, and here’s why …

10 reasons why you should not buy a smart home

1) The smart home is a temporary phenomenon and will disappear along with the Internet, smart phones and e-invoicing.
2) You have a low electricity bill and do not use 64% of your energy costs on heating, like the rest of the population.
3) You have already bought an electric car and think you are helping the environment enough, despite the fact that you work in the oil industry.
4) You like wasting money and therefore do not seek support from Enova to cover 20% (max 4 000 NOK) of the total cost to purchase a basic smart home to 10 000 NOK that can save you about 2 000 NOK in electricity costs per year. (Enova is for Norwegian home owners only).
5) You want to help the workers at the coal power plant secure a job.
6) You gladly spend one vacation day at home to let the craftsmen in to do their work.
7) You like to let thoughts like ‘did I turn off the stove?’ Destroy weekends and holidays. You also appreciate to detect water leaks a long time after they have occurred.
8) You don’t like the thought of your electronic devices talking to each other, for instance that the heaters go off automatically if you open a window because it’s too hot.
9) You are anything but lazy and turn off lights in rooms you are not using.
10) You don’t like bothersome notifications directly to your smart phone if the smoke alarm is triggered or there are detected strangers in your home.

The truth is that smart homes simplifies your day, like a smartphone simplifies your life. The opening question can therefore be altered; why have a regular house, when you can control it using an app on your smartphone, and have full control and better comfort? Smart homes are about control, comfort and simplicity for most people. The fact that you save money and the environment is also a pretty good bonus.