savesomeenergy Not everyone is aware that if they install smart home with at with a time control for at least three heating zones, they can be reimbursed by up to 20%, maximum of NOK 4000, of the total cost. The grant from the Norwegian state is supposed to make energy use in Norwegian households more energy efficient, by allowing you to add timers for controlling the heat and thereby reduce power consumption.

FH-iphone6_3 In the end of January, Future Home celebrated its official 2nd birthday. If the first year was learning how to crawl, the second year we have been learning how to run. Things are happening at a high pace, and lately we have been getting ready for a new big release!

FUNding As the year of 2014 is coming to an end, it’s really interesting to see how far we have come since the beginning of the year. The time has flown away quickly, with a lot of stuff that have happened. We have therefore gathered some of the highlights.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 15.55.52The last few weeks after we reached our crowdfunding goal has been the most hectic and exciting week in Future Home's history. We really appreciate the support and positive feedback, and here’s an update on what we're working on.

1381609_595341553924761_6846377309352120756_n We are a little late with the update from the crowdfunding campaign and the fact that it went through. The reason is that we had to let the experience and impressions sink in first. The feeling we are left with is that we are incredibly happy and relieved. YES, we did it!

01 dreamteam We had started the company, but we quickly found out that there was a lot of administrative work. Something we had not anticipated would come so early. We therefore joined different “meet-ups” and courses at Skape and had meetings with Ipark to get educated in how to run a start-up business. We showed them our products and were excited to see their reactions, but they were not impressed. They asked us questions about our "business plan, business model and marketing strategy" things we had no experience in dealing with. We saw that this was people who thought that a product did not count for anything without a clear strategy.

DCIM100GOPRO The time we all had been waiting for was finally upon us. We had been doing a lot of promotion for Boligforum, a convention where homeowners can find useful things for their homes. We had been hanging up posters, and used two saturdays to hand out free tickets to the event. Now was the time to see if it would yield any results and see if we would get many visitors to our booth.

June 2012, A perpetual chore. I had just spent all of my holiday pay on a home theater system. With a projector, Hi-Fi system, blu-ray player, Playstation and PVR Tuner I was ready for a good home theater experience. Nevertheless, the challenge was that every time I wanted to see TV, film or play Playstation I had to get through between 4 to 5 remotes to get started. The operations were as follows: turn on the projector, the reciever, tv tuner, put the hdmi input 2 and switch to surround sound. A very long and tedious procedure where much could go wrong. The question I was left with was: Why must it be so complicated?