Back in time with statistics

Statistics isn’t just about data analysis or numbers; it is about understanding the world around us. For you to better understand your smart home, we have now upgraded our statistics view in the Futurehome application.

Strømforbruk smarthus

All activity gathered 
Under the statistics view, you can go back in time to check power consumption, temperature, humidity and activity. This allows you to very easily see trends and correlations and based on that, determine if your house it set up properly and everything is running optimally. Here, you can also see statistic data for every hour, week, month or year. The statistic page can give you an overview of all the gathered activity for your smart home, or room by room.

You choose what you want to see on the graph. Do you want a complete overview for the whole house or just the heaters? The graph is relative and has no visible Y-axe. To be able to see values, you have to press the graph you wish to see the numbers for.

Smarthus applikasjon

Navigation in the app
On the top of the statistics page, you can find buttons that lets you easily change between showing statistics for the day (24 last hours), the week, month or year. There is a small window on the bottom of the page where you can go back and forth in the past year. With this function, you can more easily see where in the year you are when analysing on a detailed level. “Pinch to zoom” is also possible, to change the view on the graph from a day, to a week, month or year.