Author: Siggy

Finally, the new Smart Hub will be launched the 31st of March! The Smart Hub has just recently been CE-approved and the first test batch has been tested thoroughly, so we are now waiting for the first big batch of Smart Hubs to arrive.

One of the most important aspects of a smart house is to be able to utilize all sensors and controllable devices to prevent incidents like fire, water leakage or similar of occurring. A smart home is able to take preventative measures to reduce the risk of such incidents. However, It is still reassuring to know that the system takes care of you should the worst thinkable still occur.

DSCF7286 The final work on the new Smart Hub is progressing rapidly, but not as fast as planned. Originally we wanted to launch it in October, but unfortunately we have to postpone the launch date. The Smart Hub has just finished the CE pre-certification and is currently awaiting CE-certification.

Smart Hub - Cube 1.0 Proto It’s time for a status update on our coming gateway: The Smart Hub. The Smart Hub is the brain of Future Home, and it communicates with everything that makes your home smart. After endless months of development and preparations we are finally at the last steps of prototyping.