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Futurehome’s free app lets you automate your home based on your personal preferences and needs. You can easily control your connected devices, create timers and shortcuts, adjust modes and set up alerts for important notifications. Futurehome ensures you always have complete control of what is happening in your home.


Full oversight and control of your home. Oversight and control of all connected devices.


Create shortcuts so you can quickly alter the mood or setting to suit you.


Create alarms so that you receive notifications about important events like fire, water leaks or break ins.


Monitor your energy consumption over time.


Allow friends and family access to relevant functions or areas of the system.


Create automatic triggers that activate lights if there is motion detected or adjust the heating down if a door or window is opened.


Timestamped information about all individual events triggered within the system.


Create timed triggers for when you want lights to change or heating on or off etc..


We are constantly working on improving the products we offer and are continuously adding new devices to our supported portfolio. Future updates are always available to all customers.


Easily adjust lighting and moods through our simple interface. Automate lighting based on motion or according to time of day and ambient lighting conditions inside or outside.

When you leave the house, go to bed or leave on vacation you can deactivate all the lights at once with one simple mode switch.

Each device also shows its power consumption in real-time, this data is collated and an estimated cost per month is calculated based on average energy prices.

Power consumption

Most of the devices we offer have built in power meters which report the amount of electricity being used. As a result you will always have a clear overview over how much energy your home uses as a whole for lights, heating and appliances individually.

With the power meter on the app dashboard you see real-time usage data, an estimated cost per hour and per month, as well as an indication of whether this is over or under your normal average consumption.


Climate control

Automatic temperature adjustment can be implemented to ensure optimal comfort and energy efficiency. The system will use sensors to adjust itself and maintain your desired temperature during the day, at night the temperature will be reduced to save energy.

Additionally, you can automatically reduce the temperature in a room if a door or window is opened – again saving on energy use.


Sensors alert you if there is fire, flood or a break-in detected. You get notifications direct to your mobile phone regarding all important events.

With the right sensors in place you also have full oversight over all doors and windows as well as motion detected in individual rooms within the property.

– Is the front door open or unlocked?

– Which windows are open?

– Is there unexpected movement somewhere?


Did you leave the iron on?! No problem!

You can switch it off through the Futurehome app from anywhere in the world! By monitoring energy consumption in a room we can also tell you if the washing machine has finished its cycle, or whether someone is watching TV upstairs…

With connected appliances you are always in complete control of how many devices are in use, where they are in the property and how much power is being used in each individual room.

Weather forecast

In the weather widget you get localised weather information for the area you are in based on GPS and location data in your smartphone. We collate data from several different sources to give you the best picture of current weather conditions and the forecast for the next 24 hours.

With a smarthome from Futurehome you always have full control of your home, both indoors and outdoors. Unfortunately we can’t control the weather, but we can control your home based on it.

Modes and shortcuts

The Futurehome app let’s you easily switch between and adjust modes to suit your needs wether you are home, away, whether it’s night or you’re on vacation. You are in complete control of what you would like to happen in your home for any of these modes. When you go to bed at night you can set your house in sleep mode with a flick of a button, all your lights and appliances will turn off and the front door will lock automatically.

You can also create your own shortcuts to run a scene or set a mood without affecting the current mode. Set the perfect lighting for a movie night or run the scene for breakfeast in the kitchen in the morning, all through one touch in the app.

Users and sites

Access to your Futurehome and it’s functions can be granted to as many users as you wish. As the owner or administrator of a site you can freely invite new users and define what they should be able to control.

As a user one can also have access to many sites at once and easily switch between them in the main menu. If the function is activated you will also receive notifications from all your sites regardless of which one you are currently using.

Statistics and timeline

Our backend systems log data and events continuously to maintain your sites’ functionality and to generate useful statistics over time. In the timeline interface you see a detailed, timestamped breakdown of all individual events that have taken place.
In the Statistics interface we present power consumption, temperature and motion data displayed in graphs for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly time increments.

Do it for me!

Our step-by-step guide helps you configure your own smarthome. All product prices include the cost of installation by our certified electricians.

Do it yourself!

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Pick and mix the products you need from our shop and install them yourself. Futurehome makes it easy for anyone to make their home smart!