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Total control with a single app

Futurehome lets you control, automate and monitor your home from anywhere in the world!

With our user-friendly app and Smarthub you can connect a growing list of smart devices within lighting, heating, alarms and electronic locks. These can then work together to give you total control, comfort and security, all from one simple app!

One Smarthub runs everything

Futurehome’s Smarthub is the brains in our system and connects to all your smart devices in order to give you control through our app.

It works just like an internet router but for ‘smart things’ and communicates through the open standards Z-Wave and EnOcean. This allows for hundreds of different types of gadgets to be added and controlled through our app.

Intelligent lighting and heating

With a single tap, you can change lighting through the app, for individual devices, whole rooms, or the whole house if you wish. Alternatively, you can automate both lighting and heating using timers or even motion sensors.

At night, for example, special triggers allow motion sensors to activate dimmed lighting for you so you don’t have to stumble about in the dark looking for switches!

Power consumption sensors in all devices and on your electricity meter can give you a comprehensive overview of all your power usage down to individual devices. You can also get detailed statistical information over time and suggestions on how to save electricity.

Oversight and peace of mind

No matter where you are in the world you can relax knowing you have full oversight and control, right at your fingertips.

You can allow access for family and friends and set individual user privileges for them. You can also grant temporary access for contractors or cleaning staff.

Motion sensors and magnetic switch sensors signal whether a motion is detected in a room or if someone should open a door or window while you are away.

Automatic lights

Automatically activate lights in a room based on motion. As soon as the motion sensor detects movement the system switches the lights on to your preset level. A trigger is also set to switch the lights off again after a certain amount of time.

This can be especially useful at night to save you stumbling over things, or for closets and storage rooms so you don’t need to search for the light switch!

Automatic heating

Magnetic switches installed in doors and windows can easily be used to control heating appliances like electric panel heaters and radiators. Then, an opened window can trigger the system to switch off the heaters temporarily.

In this way, if doors and windows are left open over extended time periods Futurehome can reduce the temperature automatically and save electricity.

Mode switch

Futurehome’s mode switch allows you to easily swap between the home’s various modes. You could place one by the entrance to conveniently switch from ‘Home mode’ to ‘Away mode’ as you exit the building.

You could place an additional switch in the bedroom to activate ‘Night mode’ at bedtime and to easily switch back to ‘Home mode’ in the morning. Lights, heating and appliances adjust themselves to your preset values within the various modes, exactly as you want them.

Do it for me!

Our step-by-step guide helps you configure your own smarthome. All product prices include the cost of installation by our certified electricians.

Do it yourself!

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Pick and mix the products you need from our shop and install them yourself. Futurehome makes it easy for anyone to make their home smart!

Become a Futurehome installer!

Do you run an electrical installation company and want to be able to offer Futurehome to your customers?

We have a whole suite of digital tools ready which will help you get started, handle sales and follow up on customers.