MikroFlex – from smart home products to smart home services

MikroFlex – from smart home products to smart home services

We both had our first day working for Futurehome on March the 1st, Vlad Datcu and I. Vlad made the move from Romania til Oslo, and I live in Fredrikstad and commute a few days a week. Vlad is an expert on large scale IT systems and will bring Futurehome’s architecture ready to take on the next step. My experience is from the energy sector, working with smart home solutions. Vlad and I are excited to have joined Futurehome and its innovative and highly competent colleagues. We are all responsible for delivering our part of the unique smart home solutions to partners and consumers.


We were asked to join Futurehome to take part in the journey moving the company from selling smart home products to smart home services. Along with three other new colleagues, we all have unique competence that will help us prepare well for the shift we face in the market.


Vlad studied at the Iasi Technical University in Romania. For the last few years he worked for Adobe scaling their cloud solutions and local software in order to serve millions of calls every day. At Futurehome he has joined the backend team and will work together with colleagues from Norway, Nepal, Croatia and Latvia. Together they will prepare the Futurehome solutions, both for the smart home customers, the partners and the framework for Get/Telia.


As the Head of Business Development, I have been given the responsibility to lead the way expanding from only selling smart home products to thinking more holistically about smart services. The smart services will be offered in a marketplace where your smart home hub will play the central part controlling the devices and solutions in your home. This will simplify your everyday life.


In order to succeed with this holistic services view, we believe in having a team with unique competence and innovative minds. Enikő Weisz, who is responsible for People and Culture at Futurehome, moved to Oslo from Hungary 3 years ago with her husband. They are happy living in Norway and feel well integrated with their little daughter.


When recruiting new colleagues, she mostly uses Linkedin as her tool. A proactive, can-do attitude, domain expertise and relevant experience are the qualities she looks for in a potential new colleague. Feel free to get in touch with her. We are currently hiring a couple of software developers due to our new Microflex project with Enova and other partners.Have a look at our open positions listed on our website. We would like to hear from you if you think you are a good match for Futurehome.


Telia owns 51% of Futurehome, after the merger of Get and Telia on March the 1st 2019. Futurehome has 25 employees from nine nationalities. With the rapidly growing digitisation and internationalisation, Futurehome is well prepared for the development of smart home  solutions for the whole of Scandinavia and the Baltics together with Telia.


Both Vlad, Enikő and I are looking forward to joining the Norwegian Telia team with more than 2000 employees, from at least 15 countries.


And after just 10 days in a new job, I am impressed by how far the company has come and what opportunities are ahead of us as we have the opportunity to develop together. I have already managed to meet exciting colleagues from Telia Norge and Telia Sweden who give new perspectives on everyday life in Futurehome.